i'm in jackson hole, wyoming

it's a cloudy evening in jackson and i'm sitting by a fireplace with yaz (a white alaskan huskie) curled up on the couch next to me. the christmas tree is lit up so beautifully and i'm listening to some fleet foxes with a cup of hot tea. i have to admit, jackson is pretty sweet; with art galleries, sweet coffee shops, gorgeous mountains staring you in the face everyday, everything is accessible, plenty of mountains to hike up and ski down, bison, elk, ice skating to be had and ice fishing!

it's pretty surreal to be here and funny because virginia had a serious snowfall just as i left it. thank goodness it was right before it all came down! but i'm so glad we got snow and sad at the same time because jake (my german shepard mix) is enjoying it without me, bummer! i love watching in play in the snow.


the ugly sweater party!

"the ugly sweater party"
gibson's grill
december 12th

photography by victoria carr


thank you, thank you!

the fundraiser at gibson's grill was a success, photos coming soon.. from the lovely victoria carr!


the art is up!

the whole wall for the courtyard!

featured artists:
carolyn baker stewart
victoria carr
andrew revell
jordan vance
jenn harrington


paper bird from colorado

paper bird - http://www.myspace.com/paperbirdband

a refreshing americana sound with gorgeous harmonies consisting of a trio of female vocalists, guitar, trumpet, trombone, banjo, harmonica, and upright bass..



i'm the one in the pink.. 18 years ago! woah!!