art auction

nelson's fundraiser 3 is coming up march 6th, that's first friday!

there will be an art auction held that night as well as two rad indie bands, suprise!arizona and conshafter will be playing at cous cous! it's free to get in, donations are accepted with pleasure. my buttons will also be on sale that night as well as art and some handmade jewelry and shtuff! it will be fun and for a lovely cause.



room to breath


thanks.. i needed that.


some time..

im in raleigh, nc visiting my oma & opa.
my oma's birthday is today. getting away gives me time to clear my head.
god knows, i do need some time to do that..


nelson's fundraiser 3!

big things in march..
we have about 6 artists at least donating their art for our art auction.
two bands are playing either an acoustic set all night or stepping it up a notch later into the night.. however they'd like. it's going to be siiicckk.




hef'ril o'neil

kesara made a quick april vs. hef comparison.
hahaha.. oh, ninja turtles!


fundraiser 1

ha. who took that?

and sarah came! :]

"oh, steph!"

button, button, who's gotta button?

me & fabulous nikki!

me & rachel

steph & amanda

vick, yerp!


me & steph in the bathroom with our josh radin tees.. at the concert.

sighh.. he was a cutie.

i was dumped on valentines day

here's whats to be expected to find on the next fundraiser, which is february 15th at new york deli (flyer coming soonly).. thanks for all the suggestions at fundraiser 1.
and again thank you, thank you, thank you for all the generosity for nelsone!
the turn out was pretty extreme and the donations were super duper awesome!