#11 Asian Girls

Please note that this is one area where white women are exempt from, but they should be exempt from other things such as voting and participation in Division 1 sports.

95% of white males have at one point in their lives, experienced yellow fever.
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stuff white people like

this is great.

krispy kreme krayziness!

becuz it's the rules. clearly indicated on zhis box.


im in pop tart heaven!

so i have had this pop tart kick since i was a kid, and i have been hooked on s'more pop tarts since forever. but now i think i found the replacement to it, and that would be the hot fudge sundae pop tart! siiigh..

Alysa: haha! i remember you making us late for the bustop because you were making pop tartsLOL


pick a cloud or two or three..

artist: rod

which ones you guys like?



arrghh shut up, myspace!

could it be.. because my status is set to "single?"
i wonder.. i will experiment with this setting, to see how these ads change, what about "engaged".. will it have wedding planning ads? i wonder or perhaps if im "married" the ads will changed to planned pregnancies, babies and whatnot.

let the experiment begin..


back stage


i love you more than..

my button lady!
she's a cute little older lady that makes a grip load of buttons on the daily and does an AWESOME job, so give her some business. her and i are going to try to sell these at first fridays at art 6. which would be rad!

these buttons are going to be ready for valentine's day!
donate and get a "i love you more than.." button! :]




well here i am... and there i go.
shaken by the words that escaped your lips,
i sit there helpless and speechless
no words can be quite enough to express.

i came in with no exceptions,
but i had plenty of hesitations.

i can only blame myself for falling,
i dreamt of what we might have been
my head in the clouds, continually longing,

your kisses were indescribable,
your touch was unbelievable,
how do i not know those were meant for her..

your eyes so deep and loving,
your stare so sad and empty,
how do i not know your distant stare
is you thinking "i wish she were here"

hoods up

artist: bart

bart lives out in belgium and he works for this zine.. and im going to be in it.. schweet huh?



available at a hef cafe near you.

hahahahaha! sigh.

chewy posted this, and i couldnt help myself but to repost it..


she said it best

"When I get lonely these days, I think: So be lonely, Heather. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person's body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings."

- Elizabeth Gilbert
eat pray love

progress on cloud tattoo

artist: rod

i asked rod to help me put together a half sleeve for my arm, right above my cityscape on my right arm.. here is the progress so far, i am so stoked on it!! thanks, rod!


i hope one day, i will figure things out..
right now is just not one of those days.

yes pecan!

i was lying in bed, shivering becuz its super cold in my room, debating on whether to get up to get ready for work, then the dj annouces in honor of our new president, ben & jerry's came out with a new ice cream called "yes pecan" and i think its the cutest thing i have ever heard.. lame but cute.
but it made me giggle.
a lot.


my monster.

me & my crazy "brown bear"
jake: so much personality in one creature.. it's nuts. i seriously don't know what i would do without him..

stephaniiiieeeee!! - short circuit

she came, she went, she rules.

my male equivalent, cwazy!

no, seriously... me and john met freshman year of college.
then.. we rekindled the friendship, and it's been rad as hell! him and i have related in a seriously crazy level.. i look at him and see me.. only he's a dude. gnarly! hehe.

so true!

help nelsone!

with a sudden case of gall-pancreatitis - put nelson in the hospital in urgent need for surgery. leaving nelson and connie in financial hardships as they are undertaking an insurance lapse, giving them one more month to wait to be covered. and with all the economic struggle we are all going through right now, any little bit does help.
thank you!


more more from cous cous

we are cute.

"the face" is back!

this is otter.

he came galloping into my backyard/parking lot.

he's some what of a brut.
and his owner resembled someone from the bush.


"if you knew you were going to meet the love of your life in one year, how different would that year be?"

this is a pretty awesome quote, we worry so much about our dating lives, when we could be enjoying other things. taken from

so true.

i enjoy..
- coming home to jake (my german shepard mutt)
- listening to my music as long and as loud as i want
- going out as late as id like
- cooking delightful meals for myself
- leaving my clothes about my bedroom floor
- watching my girlie movies and sobby like a baby
- having soul ownership of my remote control
- singing badly in the shower at the top of my lungs
- having the bathtub/shower to myself
- my nights with my girlfriends
- random sleepovers
- spontaneous trips with friends
- wine, cheese and a good book with candles lit
- having loads of fun with friends, boy or girl
- staying up late talking about life
- laughing at myself

life is good.


in rod's book

so my friend, rodrigue found an old journal he had people in high school write in, our senior year of high school in 2002. he scanned the pages that i wrote in.. so crazy how i wrote, and what i wrote about! what a crazy time machine. not too much has changed, as far as favorites go..

no nerds at nasa

i am the female lead in this independent film. logan conner, a high school classmate is the male lead and the director cory tapia, a kinetic imaging classmate of mine. it doesnt look like february will be when to expect it.. but it will showing at the byrd i believe.. one day. i will give you all a heads up.

this was too fun to shoot.



k's cornbeef hash & eggs

h's eggs benedict wiff breakfast potatoes!

a lawn noel, i mean knome.

hat: $1, cosby sweater: $5, side table: $18, k&h time: priceless

happy with our purchases!

what k got me for my birffday! (he almost didnt give it to me)

yay! we got heather's table & chairs.

my side table & my birfday turtle

tada, i have a table with chairs!