true life

ok ok.. horoscopes can be so lame sometimes, and no i dont check mine everyday or anything but this one is 'true life.' it is all about the perspective you have on things. im a pretty optimistic person, so i always seem to be able to hold my head above water. and i tend to forget, i dont need anyone else but me and the big guy to get me where i need to go.


welcome to singledom!

where games are played.
where saving "face" is everything.
where playing it "cool" is important.

i hate having to play it "cool"... why can't i just be up front and honest like i am..?
but that's not what it's all about, apparently there is more to this game than i realized..
i have much to learn i see..

my approach on people in general, has changed. i have learned over the past 24 years that people will come just as fast as they will go. i have learned to not be too excited about new relationships and friendships but to be cautious and to let people prove their loyalties to me. i hate disappointments, not that you can avoid them -- which makes it even more frustrating.

based off these conclusions, have i become a bitter individual?


nothings gonna stop us now

this movie is pretty effin' awesome!
why cant we make movies like this anymore?


taker swagger

the price of summers in richmond..

strong coffee: $2

a tattoo: $100

scallops from can can: $20

picking a black eyed susan from the neighbor: priceless

me & lee's song.
i've been doing my own thing, love has always had a way of bad timing...
im just waiting on all the right signs.. i wanna know if ur worth all my time.. otherwise i will continually do my thing and continually do it well.



are what makes life so interesting.
we all tend to try to stay in control of our own destiny, instead we need to embrace those uncertainties rather than fighting them off.

i hate not know whats going to happen.
i used to think, "how exciting.. not knowing what's next.." but sometimes i wish i could get a sneak peak.

so far so good with the new place.. i moved in last weekend, but finally getting things where they need to be.. and making it home pretty quickly! the new place evokes a happier environment, rather than a closed off one.

new ink scheduled to get tomorrow at 12:30 at salvation with ms. katie.
i have been postponing this tattoo for so long, i just need to get er done.


the to-do list

1. take a road trip
2. get an acoustic guitar
3. learn to play it
4. create like my life depended on it
5. love my own work
6. work for myself
7. be someone else's inspiration
8. fall in love
9. be loved back
10. trust in someone
11. let someone trust in me
12. ride bikes all day long
13. shuffle my 'hef_pod' completely
14. go to times square for new years
15. visit hawaii
16. move out of virginia
17. skydive
18. fly a plane
19. write a song
20. take singing lessons
21. write poetry
22. recite poetry
23. make someone proud
24. make myself proud
25. appreciate myself
26. be appreciated
27. make money
28. buy what i want, when i want it
29. no longer complain about my lack of money
30. buy everyone drinks
31. act in a featured film
32. perform in a play
33. live in london
34. learn a foreign language
35. have my fortune told
36 drive and never stop
37. invent something
38. make a difference
39. learn to dance
40. dance well
41. perform a dance
42. be myself utterly and completely with someone
43. worthy of it
44. own my own restaurant and bar
45. bartend
46. learn to really swim
47. surf
48. waterski
49. save a life
50. let someone save me
51. go skinny dipping
52. make a time capsule
53. eat at all the good restaurants in richmond
54. learn to cook more
55. eat out a lot less
56. make videos
57. post 'em
58. take pictures
59. develop them
60. mc battle
61. get lost on purpose
62. learn to sew
63. make my own clothes
64. make my own bags

...more to come.


david's note

i came across this note i recieved months ago when i was visiting my oma & opa (grandma and grandpa) in south carolina. carmen, their friend came by the house to return a dish and chatted us up and met me. she went home and ranted about me and in turn her son wrote me this and taped it with scotch tape on the front door of my oma & opa's door.

after reading the note, my oma looked at me and said "oh, heather! you don't want him... he's fat!" as she guessured with her hands over her tummy exaggerating a globe like stomach. that made my day, no i think my year!
i showed my brother this note, and he said "how old is he, 10?" without having prior knowledge of the situation, but just based off of the classy stationary and handwritting.. you had to be there i guess..