carebear costume

so, i have decided to be the carebear cousin, brightheart raccoon!

i redesigned the belly, im going to print it on fabric and then sew the belly onto an oversized sweatshirt. then cut out the mask and just paint that.. any suggestions would be cool.

the huge obstacle is the sweatshirt being $45! thanks american apparel, thanks a lot!

here's a quick mockup of what it should look like, i will be wearing my purple tights instead.



i drove out to harrisonburg with my best friend to see our friend play in the jazz band, snarky puppy! i hadnt seen mike league since we graduated from high school 6 years ago. reunions are sweet! :]

the best thing i ever done for myself is to get up and go, not even thinking.. just going. and i had the time of my life!

granted, i'm on 1 hour of sleep, my body aches from dancing and from attempting to sleep in the car and a bit hungover still and sitting at work, i had a blast! i wouldnt have done anything differently.

...and god knows i needed this!


not cutout for this..

i could do me, i could do that for days..
but now it seems i've lost a grip on myself.
just for love.

my fear of jumping in has come back.. but im already in.

.. and rightfully so.

even though i did everything right, it wasnt enough.
when i thought i could expose my under belly, i was wrong....AGAIN..

silly me.


i absolutely love...