its my twenty-fifth year on this earth!

i am thankful to all those that have been there for me that love me dearly.. i love you right back! each and everyone of you...

my 25th birthday was one that i won't easily forget...
i was surrounded by some amazing people, family and friends!
my friend, lee came from san diego for school at the naval base in norfolk. he scooped bryan and i from richmond then to centreville to spend the thanksgiving holiday with the family. there were loads of food, laughs, and beer.. then my birthday rolled around, on blessed black friday.. lee and i boldly met up with the acuesta's to suffer through the god forsaken mall. i found my birthday dress at forever 21, it took forever to get the hell outta there, maybe thats why they have forever in then name... could be.
i can still shop there, i give myself until i hit thirty, or until i look thirty..

anywho.. headed to cafe martini to meet up with some local friends then made our sweet time to 1223 in dc.
little did i know that april had reserved a table for us all.. it was such a lovely surprise.. we all got in for free with champagne and cupcakes! i am one lucky girl! :] friends from all walks of my exsistence showed and it was so very lovely! thank you all for making my day so wonderful! xoxoxoxoxo!

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10 things i like about you..

your gentle eyes
the way you laugh long and loud
that your bottom teeth are crooked
you dance at random times
that you dont like to wear socks outside of your shoes
the way you smile with your eyes
you sing made up songs
the way your face lights up right before a smile
that you're covered in tattoos
your fuzzy arms
that you paint figures at work

oh.. wait that's 11.. whatevs.


round and round we go..


so.. you would think, "pay day" being a day of celebratory dance!
in fact, it's more of a day of handing large corporations your hard earned money. these conglomerates suck you dry of money, each bill has a service fee, an account number, an automated service that you have to hassle with.. an exhausting effort to get a straight answer, then the incompetent people you have to speak with.. granted they are hard working people too but come on! the trick is, these companies use these people to do their dirty work (the run around).. "oh, you have to speak to communications, here's their number." or "you have to wait 7 to 10 business days for this.." or "as a customer courtesy to you we will refund you this amount.."

time and time again, i run into the same issues..

my co-workers can testify that they hear me month after month after month with the same people, verizon, verizon wireless (oh there's a difference!), bank of america!
and im tired.. tired of being shafted with my own money.


between us

there's something there wedged in between us that wasn't there before..
i want to make it better.

talk to me.



hope n 1. a feeling that what is wanted will happen. 2. a person or thing on which one may base some hope