once was lost

but now is found.

holy cow.. am i in love.


music talks

great lake swimmers
okkervil river
the good life
m. ward
chris bathgate
josh rouse


where i want to be, on guitar..

tommy emmanuel!
this dude kills me.. phew!


what an incredible feeling

.. to realize when things begin to align and make sense..

and all the uncertainities fade and all the doubt turns to hope.

it's a sensational sense of freedom!
free of all worry and desperation and self doubt.

happy birthday lee!

i miss you!
i am a bad friend.. i am sorry i forgot.

staying busy

between working the regular 9 to 5, the courtyard events, freelance work, and being back in school.. i have a pretty full plate.

..but there is always room for planning a kickass baby shower for a very special best friend!

i am stoked to be able to throw it for her.. i miss her and love her dearly!
i love you, connie! <3

i can't wait to find out what the sex of the little one is.. either way, auntie heather is going to spoil the hell-outta this kiddo!


the video interview is up!



5 months later

still going strong at the courtyard!

yay! pictures and videos will be up soon.

thanks for everyone that's been so supportive throughout the months. it's all paid off.


finally here

my guitar has arrived and i'm so very happy to have it back!

it's been over 2 weeks since i played and i'm anxious to play again.. i brought my tuner to work, so i will find a perfect place to sit down and play it..