i'm the one in the pink.. 18 years ago! woah!!


happy thanksgiving!

i have so much to be thankful for, a lot!
thanksgiving involves: a heck-a-lot of food consumption, movie watching, naps, seconds, play games, thirds, loafing about, fourths.. i love the holidays!

turkey makes me sleepy...


ugly sweater party

come thru, if you don't want to donate $5, come sit down and have a drink to help support the courtyard!


el ten eleven in virginia

first off.. i didn't hear about this band until i went to crossroads to study for my music industry class and one of the dudes working at the coffeeshop put them on.. as i sat there for a good 2-3 hours i couldn't get out of seat. i didn't want to, because one song after another after another was increasingly improving my mood -- not to say my mood was a bad one.. but even still.

so after there was a switch in musicial selection i got off my butt and asked the dude at the counter who that was and he said "el ten eleven" so i wrote it down immediately and looked them up. after playing them constantly on grooveshark (hence my lovely playlist to your right..) --->

i thought it was worth a shot to see if they were touring, and sure enough they were coming to virginia. unfortunately their calendar wouldn't allow for a gig in richmond, but their booking agent suggested in the spring they should be able to make it through to play for a courtyard event and/or another show.

so after e-mailing their booking agent back and forth, i dedicated this past tuesday evening to making it up to arlington at iota cafe to hear them play and to speak to both tim (drummer) and kristian (double-deck guitarist) in person. it was definetly worth the drive and the lack of sleep. good music is always worth the effort.

this duo from la was spectacular to watch, the crowd was so enthusiastic and energetic, they encored 3 times.. and each time they indulged them, and why wouldn't they?

the orchid opened for them and did an amazing job. i spoke with them after the show and because they are from dc, they are more inclined to come down to play, plus they have never played richmond which is really unfortunate, especially since a couple of them seem to be richmond natives. i hope to have them on a bill soon!

for more el ten eleven music, click here.


my celing caved in!

last night my ceiling caved in! yikesss!!

after a fair share of rain for a week, last week i saw that a leak was commencing, like it does every time it rains, especially in the corner of my living room. a day or so of that, i realized that the ceiling was also beginning to swell a great deal. and then in the early evening yesterday i saw that there were deep cracks in the ceiling and i knew that it was going to eventually give way. so i called my landlord to tell them it will probably collapse any minute now and that it deserves immediate attention. then i heard a huge crash when i was on the computer and realized in fact that it caved in...

so after several messages that i left my landlord, i sat on the other couch, with my dog as he quivered with fright, (wonder to himself what the heck was going on..) i left yet another message with bandazian and holden and then another crash- the hole in my ceiling just got even bigger..


josh rouse

josh rouse - listen
so far, everything i have heard from him has been so beautiful..

shows + junk!

i need to brush up on my shows yet again.. cuz music is just great! ...and the music scene in richmond is great!

the milkstains - the camel | tuesday, nov 10th
jonathan vassar + the speckled bird - the camel | thursday, nov 12th
louisana territory traces of gold release party - gallery 5 | friday, nov 13th
white laces - triple saturday, nov 14th
conshafter video release party - the camel | saturday, nov 14th
bollywood night - cous cous | saturday, nov 14th
modern groove - cary st. cafe | saturday, nov 14th
the low branches - the michaux house | tuesday, nov 17th
el ten eleven - iota cafe, arlington | tuesday, nov 17th
itchy hearts - plaza bowl | saturday, nov 21st
wordplay! - gallery 5 | friday, nov 27th