apparently the richmond times-dispatch wants to interview me having to do with the first fridays in the courtyard, it's pretty exciting stuff! they will be at the sept 4th show and they will interview me before the show and take some sweet footage of the festivities afterwards! yay! i am a bit nervous though..


headed west?

i am in northern california/ san francisco visiting my dad and it's everything i thought it could be, i have seen so much.. i have hundreds of pictures to post when i get home..
not only the sights but the family and friends i have made here, it's so encouraging. i have so much creative energy since i came out here.. i learned to play the acoustic guitar and i'm composing my own song.

i am really considering on making a move.
if it's meant to be, it'll be.


bed bugs, wisdom teeth, camping, art shows, and show, shows!

i have had a lot on my plate these days..
i am leaving this saturday for san francisco for 10 days to see my dad and my cousins! i can't wait. what i need is a trip to clear my head after such a roller coaster of a summer!