a great weekend

this weekend actually felt like a weekend!
mark and i went canoeing at lake ridge with diseree, glenn, leo, and lilly.
it was only $10 for 2 hours, i don't know why we don't do this more often, its so wonderful to be out on the water and doing something in nature rather than going to watch a movie, spending $7 and up on popcorn & drinks etc.

a story anna told me:
cop pulls over leo and anna in anna's car. they both just came back from dc and leo was driving anna home. leo was going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone.

cop: have you been drinking?
leo: not me.
cop: so who's been drinking?
leo: both of us


summer summer time..

i'm looking forward to my summer to finally begin, i still don't feel like its quite here because i have been working so much i forget how carefree my summers used to be before i worked full-time.

unfortunately i won't be able to make it to san diego to see davers and rhealyn and their baby, trey. he's so adorable! maybe it is better off that mark and i wait a little longer to visit so they can adjust to being mommy and daddy for a while. plus mark rather have a real san diego vacation, not one where he has to hang out at home with trey. i think sometimes he thinks of only himself, i mean i see where he's coming from but he has to understand their lives will never be the same again.

i'm thankful that i will be able to worry less about money, now that i have a stable job. i'm not looking forward to my mom forwarding all my bills to me, i know how much she's been helping me and i can't imagine how much i have been costing her over the years. responsibility sucks!


father's day

this father's day i went to roanoke to see my pops!
it was so nice to hang with my pop, i rarely go out there to visit, especially because i don't necessarily see eye to eye with my uncle (that lives with him). now i regret not visiting more often, now that cassie is gone..

dad and i saw "knocked up" in the movie theater and it was pretty perfect for father's day. we started to reminisce how it was when we were a big happy family and how many wonderful days we had shared together.

i eventually want to start my own family but then again there is that fear that the marriage wont work out. i am a 'boar' on the chinese horoscopes and it says i'm prone to martial strife like my uncle that married 4 times before he found the one. that is one of my biggest fears is to fail my marriage.. i cant be too careful though because i cant prevent what god has in store for me.