making a move

so i have made myself a deadline, by august 2009 to move to san francisco!

i got to get my shit together, find a job, a place to live, all that good stuff..
i love richmond but this city isnt flourishing, and its not easy to find what you want as far as careers go.
maybe one day richmond will get it together, but im not waiting until it does.

california will be waiting there for me, hopefully things will work as i hope they will for me.. one step at a time.


where is he?

love is a such a vendetta!

we make it so hard for each other to love one another..
person A fucks up with person B and breaks B's heart.
so when B feels finally up to dating again, person C comes in but B has trust issues.. who knows if B will ever be able to let anyone in after A screwed it over for the rest of them..

see.. what a cycle.. how come we cant break that? it's because, then how are we to learn from our experiences? if we open up, who's to know if we won't get fucked over by someone else?

i'm tired..


creep 101

is this guy for real??
i couldnt help but make an example of him..

he approached me from a professional level, then added me on myspace and just so happened to be co-workers with my friend. he also warned me that he has a good sense of humor but some people may be offended by his site. he had a half naked girl on his background and a picture of a girl with tape over her mouth, saying "shutting bitches up since.."

at any rate.. i had to make an example of his creepy ass..
that is all..

this guy just doesn't quit.. at this point he is blocked from myspace and i spammed his emails..

fellas, dont be this guy!