david's note

i came across this note i recieved months ago when i was visiting my oma & opa (grandma and grandpa) in south carolina. carmen, their friend came by the house to return a dish and chatted us up and met me. she went home and ranted about me and in turn her son wrote me this and taped it with scotch tape on the front door of my oma & opa's door.

after reading the note, my oma looked at me and said "oh, heather! you don't want him... he's fat!" as she guessured with her hands over her tummy exaggerating a globe like stomach. that made my day, no i think my year!
i showed my brother this note, and he said "how old is he, 10?" without having prior knowledge of the situation, but just based off of the classy stationary and handwritting.. you had to be there i guess..

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Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing your brother did. No offense but your OMA is drinkin that haterade a little bit...just a little...