the end of an era!

so today was my last day at the ocho!

i made a good career discussion for myself, thats for sure. its just hard sometimes when you have made a home somewhere and made friends & family there. i almost felt as if 3 weeks was two long, i much rather ripped it off like a band-aid.

it was only a year and 4 months but it felt like so long. i have learned so much and accomplished so much in such a short amount of time there. i most certainly am sad that things didnt work out as i expected them originally but im excited for my new opportunities at vcu! i can go get my masters for free for example.. wric couldnt have offered me a free education.

bummer: fsa (flexible spending account)
i have well over $400 left over, i have until the end of today to claim it, that means i have to spend that amount and then fax over a claim form to them otherwise that money is all theirs.. does anyone have that kind of money to spend on over the counter medications, perscriptions, etc. all today? if so, let me know.. cuz i dont.

ps. never doing fsa ever again, i want that money in my pocket.. where it should be, thank you very much! pppshhh..

so im at home now, after my last day with my purse filled with crap off my desk and brownies and flowers by my side that i got from camille. im tempted to put on pj's and lay in bed watching a movie and napping. then another part of me wants to drink a beer and celebrate.

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