its my twenty-fifth year on this earth!

i am thankful to all those that have been there for me that love me dearly.. i love you right back! each and everyone of you...

my 25th birthday was one that i won't easily forget...
i was surrounded by some amazing people, family and friends!
my friend, lee came from san diego for school at the naval base in norfolk. he scooped bryan and i from richmond then to centreville to spend the thanksgiving holiday with the family. there were loads of food, laughs, and beer.. then my birthday rolled around, on blessed black friday.. lee and i boldly met up with the acuesta's to suffer through the god forsaken mall. i found my birthday dress at forever 21, it took forever to get the hell outta there, maybe thats why they have forever in then name... could be.
i can still shop there, i give myself until i hit thirty, or until i look thirty..

anywho.. headed to cafe martini to meet up with some local friends then made our sweet time to 1223 in dc.
little did i know that april had reserved a table for us all.. it was such a lovely surprise.. we all got in for free with champagne and cupcakes! i am one lucky girl! :] friends from all walks of my exsistence showed and it was so very lovely! thank you all for making my day so wonderful! xoxoxoxoxo!

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