"if you knew you were going to meet the love of your life in one year, how different would that year be?"

this is a pretty awesome quote, we worry so much about our dating lives, when we could be enjoying other things. taken from

so true.

i enjoy..
- coming home to jake (my german shepard mutt)
- listening to my music as long and as loud as i want
- going out as late as id like
- cooking delightful meals for myself
- leaving my clothes about my bedroom floor
- watching my girlie movies and sobby like a baby
- having soul ownership of my remote control
- singing badly in the shower at the top of my lungs
- having the bathtub/shower to myself
- my nights with my girlfriends
- random sleepovers
- spontaneous trips with friends
- wine, cheese and a good book with candles lit
- having loads of fun with friends, boy or girl
- staying up late talking about life
- laughing at myself

life is good.

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