my celing caved in!

last night my ceiling caved in! yikesss!!

after a fair share of rain for a week, last week i saw that a leak was commencing, like it does every time it rains, especially in the corner of my living room. a day or so of that, i realized that the ceiling was also beginning to swell a great deal. and then in the early evening yesterday i saw that there were deep cracks in the ceiling and i knew that it was going to eventually give way. so i called my landlord to tell them it will probably collapse any minute now and that it deserves immediate attention. then i heard a huge crash when i was on the computer and realized in fact that it caved in...

so after several messages that i left my landlord, i sat on the other couch, with my dog as he quivered with fright, (wonder to himself what the heck was going on..) i left yet another message with bandazian and holden and then another crash- the hole in my ceiling just got even bigger..

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