taking the good with the bad..
kings dominion was super fun with dad and bryan. we spent all day there on saturday, pooped from the sun. saturday was another hot hot day, we met up with alysa for some lunch at o'charleys in midlothian. afterwards we went to the grocery store to get adobo ingredients and then to the laundromat to get some loads done. slurpee's and some laughs at the laundromat. we came home and i started making dinner for us.
i was making chicken adobo. i took off the cover of the pot to stir the adobo and i placed it on the top of the stove top next to the burner i was cooking on. i went to pick up the pot cover and place it back on the pot but it was stuck on the stove top because of the heat suctioned on to it. so i tucked here and there and realized how much it was stuck on there, so i tried an ice cube cool down and loosen up the cover.
bryan walks in from taking jake out for me, i showed him it won't budge and that to leave it there so it cools down on its own. he didn't listen to me and yanked and pulled on it until it came off, but so did the stove.. glass was everywhere even in my feet. of course i was furious with him, even though he was just trying to help me.
its going to be $175 and i need someone to install it.. genesis properties wants to charge me $43 something an hour for their services.. my dad wants to help me install it, but i don't know what the best thing to do is.. i just want to move out and move on already..

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