this is it.

i never thought we would be at this point in our relationship.

but i was wrong.

every fight that we have had these days have just escalated!

tonight we talked about it and we both pretty much came up with a 'break' as the solution to what's ailing our relationship. i never thought a 'break' would lead to another remotely productive for us. and i still don't..

it scares the hell out of me.. the thought of losing mark drives me nuts. he's my family, my friend, my everything. the thought of not talking to him or seeing him for a long period of time is just seems so unheard of..

he expressed to me that he feels enormous amounts of pressure from everyone including me. little does he know that i feel the pressure too and i'm just as unprepared as he is for all this marriage crap..

i look back and think about the stupid fights that we have been having and i feel like such an idiot for saying things to him that i don't mean. why are we so mean to each other these days if we love each other so much?

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