him and i

im looking forward to the weather warming up, so jake and i can spend more time outdoors together.
i enjoy my time in richmond more with him outside.. its a great combo!
i have noticed that him and i have developed a new relationship, i dont know if it's because his time with me and no one else as increased or maybe the small amount of time i am here at the apt with him during the work weeks.. but i have noticed his neediness for me.

we had a slight tornado watch and the wind was super strong, the rain was coming in sideways on the window and jake whines, nuzzles up next to me, laying his neck across mine like a deer.. what a baby!

the adventures of heather and jake continue...


Shookie_Shine said...

I just came across your blog and stopped to read. I hope you don't mind me posting a word of encouragement. Things like this always find a way of working out for the best. Before you know it, you will find the love of your life and you will thank God that he didn't answer your prayers back when you were with the other guy. You have strength girl.

Anonymous said...

Yo hef..i'm not gonna read your personal stuff..but i have a funny story about Jack, I don't know if that's swan lake but..Jack actually grabbed one of the bird thingies, i can't tell if they are ducks, geese or swans... and brought it back to me.. he didn't kill it tho and i didn't get fined.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Shookie_Shine said...

Hey Girl!
Since I’m a fan now, I thought I would check up with you to see what’s new. How have you been doing?