the clock on my wall

the clock on my wall is now telling the wrong time.
i watched it pretty closely and it seems to tick backwards and then forward from time to time. i'm sure it's due for fresh batteries but symbolically it means something else.

it speaks to me as if i should move on and stop trying to fill that gap, the commitment gap. i guess just like Anson's first day at school, i have been skimming throughout my whole life to find that perfect match. instead, i find someone and try to make them fit. rather than shopping around for what really fits. and if their taken, don't even bother looking especially if they have committed to someone else.

there is no rush on finding him - at this point what time it is is not relevant. especially now at this point in my life. now's the time to take a breather from relationships.

so today, i'm changing the batteries in my clock and mine too.

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