another christmas

its another christmas.. good god.. do they sneak up on me each and every year. but this year seems as though it just zoomed on by considerably faster.. why i'm not certain..

i'm so appreciative of what i have in my life, sometimes i need to just stand still and breathe it in and reflect on how rewarding this year has been for me. all the positive people that have made it in my life and some people that have found their way back to me. one person in particular. her name is heather, we were roommates my sophomore year. she was an unexpected surprise, so closely to my birthday did she pop back into my life. i couldn't have asked for anything more than that.. i didn't want for anything this year until i realized in fact, she was missing.

i'm blessed for sure.. she made it back to me and i'm grateful. who knows how long she will stick around.. but who cares.. hopefully forever. her friendship meant a great deal and still does, but after excepting her disappearance, years ago.. it never accured to me that she would one day knock on my door. i'm thankful that she has.

life happens and a long the way you meet or reconnect with people unexpectedly.
i am grateful i found interest in a boy, that she was also into.. and in turn i met andrea.
i am grateful i had met andrea, and in turn met connie.
i am grateful that i dated matt, and in turn met many amazing people, to name a few: nikki, stephanie, maggie, chewy, lauren.. and others in between.
i am grateful that connie and i visited andrea in brooklyn, and in turn i met kerrigan.
i am grateful that i visited san diego to see davers and his baby boy, trey, and in turn met lee.
i am grateful for working with camille and for the opportunity to be closer than ever and find a true friend in her!
i am grateful for working with erin also, that our friendship just grew over time and it's awesome! eeeeeeeee!

i am grateful for a many things this year.
and i want for nothing.. i am rich in friends.

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