the life i lead

this weekend was a reflection of how fulfilling my life has become.
i somehow seek more but all along everything is right here within my reach.
i think you need weekends like these to remind you how rich you really are in life.

i went to my auntie deng deng's funeral on saturday morning, i also visited my lola and uncle les's grave. it just reminded me of how precious life really is. i wonder why we are all given such a gift of life, yet we find so many things to complain so much about and surround ourselves with negative influences. flush out those who are not contributing positive energy to your life and fill your life with amazing people.. if you can find them all, cuz i feel like i got them all.

meanwhile, im back in richmond and hunger so i figure i could make some ramen, maybe drop in egg in there.. we will see where the moment takes me.

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MAKA said...

thanks for letting me be part of it... (the weekend & your life.)