"home" is any four walls that enclose the right person. - helen rowland

i'm a little sad to say goodbye to my lovely 1 bedroom apt in carytown.
it's been good to me and i've returned the love right back.
but life hands you new opportunities in life and sometimes you got to just roll with the punches.
connie and nelson split up and connie has been staying with me for the past 3 weeks. things have been fantastic, we have had such a great time being together. i love having that girl around, all the time.

well, i know it must be crappy to have to feel so out of place at someone elses living space, with nothing that's yours. so she looked at an apartment on grove and thompson, a 2 bedroom apt. she calls me to tell me how stoked she is about this place. i think to myself "uh oh, what if i like? hmmmm.." so i go to the apt complex and its adorable, the neighbor is super nice, just a block and a half from my current apt. so we walk in and its cutie patootie, its nice and big, all old appliances but i love that stuff. the rooms are real cozy sizes, there private parking, a back door to a patio area, no washer and dryer but we have one in the basement that we could share with the rest of the tenants.

so, we leave the place and go grab lunch at joe's inn. i hear connie talking about the pros and cons and how lara may not like this and might not like that. she tells me how much it is, it's $10 more than i pay at my current 1 bedroom apt. so i ask connie "what are the odds that lara will flake?" since lara doesn't want to move in until june, this apt would just pass them by. so i tell connie "what do you think if i were to tell you that i will move in with you instead?" and she's turning bright red and she begins to cover her face. she doesn't think i'm serious, and i look her dead in the eye with all seriousness, except i can't stop cheesing. she had convinced me that we would be a perfect match, that this is a no brainer for me, so we are roomies now!

but yes, i am a little sad to have to leave this place i have called home for nearly a year. but this is also just a place. and as long as there is love there, i can make any four walls a home.

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MAKA said...

awesome... hopefully i can visit later this year. save me a spot on the couch!