richmond women's collective

tonite was our first meeting and 25 women showed up in the pouring rain. and that's only the beginning.
this collective will be huge and will do huge things for our community. no matter what you do, where you have been, you can contribute to richmond, so come to our next meeting and see if it's something you may be interested in too. next meeting is next monday, march 23rd at rumors at 9pm. we will more than likely have meeting every two weeks at rumors or somewhere else on a sunday probably.

we have ladies mostly in their 20's and up! some own their own businesses, some are still students, some are looking to improve richmond in some form or fashion, some just moved here. there are so many wonderful women in this city, with so much to offer each other.. like: crafts, bikes, law, education, nursing, marketing, theatre, sewing, painting, writers, readers, teachers, students, the list goes on...and on. im so stoked!

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